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Silent install and Registry Keys

I have used Admin Arsenal to push an agent to quite a few machines and a few seemed to not get the registry key that would auto start this agent after rebooting but most did.  I managed to remotely edit the registry manually but am curious if there would a known reason for this before I try pushing out more software.  I figured if it were a permission problem, I wouldn't be able to remotely edit the registry.





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  • The problem would depend on the installer in question, not all installers play perfectly nice with remote installations. There are a couple of things we've seen in the past which can cause installers to misbehave when run silently. 

    It could have to do with user profiles. We've seen it where the administrator doesn't have a profile on the machine in question, and this causes the installation to be slightly different than a computer with a profile.

    There some installers (based on MSI) that work better with the /passive option instead of /q. This blog post has more details.

    Some installers require that you use the "Send Password" option. Without "Send Password" the administrator credentials are impersonated through WMI and due to something specific with the computer not all permissions are available during the install.  You might still be able to edit the registry, but the installer didn't because it misinterpreted the permissions available to it.

    There are probably some others, but I would start with "Send Password" as it seems to fix a whole host of permission related problems.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I wouldn't have had a profile on most of these machines that I pushed but it seems that I do now. (I guess because of the push?)  I used the 'Send Password' options when I did them all as far as I know.  It seems as though only a few out of say 150 were a problem.  The problem is not knowing which ones!  I will look over the blog post you linked to and maybe try the /passive option.  Thanks again.