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Install program, and not change default open


When I last ran an update of Adobe Acrobat Reader to my users I had a few of them complain that it over wrote their preferece for which program to open.  This only affected the users that had both Adobe Acrobat Pro and Reader installed.  Some obviously prefer to have Acrobat Pro be the default program for viewing pdfs.  Is there a switch to not change the default open when installing??  I have looked already for this in /? of the Adobe Acrobat Install file.

Thank you,

John B



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  • John,

    It sounds like you installed Reader X.  Adobe made a change to the installer to take over ownership of PDFs from Acrobat because of a new security feature in Reader X not available in Acrobat.  There is an installer property called LEAVE_PDFOWNERSHIP which can override this behaviour.  It can be altered in the Customization Wizard or on the command line as LEAVE_PDFOWNERSHIP=YES.


  • thank you very much!