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Is it possible to use PDQ Deploy for installers that needs to input license keys?

I'm using PDQ Deploy in a school environment, it is very useful for me since I manage computer labs. just wondering if its possible for installer that needs input of license keys? if yes, how? thanks



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  • It depends on the application being installed.  Some applications will have a parameter which can be added to set the keys, others will need a separate step to put the keys in a file or in the registry. This can be accomplished by creating a script and deploying the script with PDQ Deploy).

    What applications do you have in mind?

  • Hi Adam, thanks for the prompt response. This will be troublesome for me as I am not good with scripting. Anyway, the application/s used by School is Corel Draw 8 and Lectora Publishing, both of this needs to input the serial numbers.

  • Do they prompt for the serial numbers during the installation?  If so then for CorelDRAW it appears that you can create a response file which includes the values from a setup.  Run the installer with this parameter:

    setup32.exe /creatersp=c:\setup-response.txt

    The setup-response.txt file will then have everything you entered into the installer. You then use it like this:

    setup32.exe /silent /rspfile=c:\setup-response.txt

    You would use your own path to the response text file, of course.

    As for Lectora I did some quick searching around but couldn't find any information on its installer options.  You may be able to run the installer manually with /? to see if there are any command line options that could be used.