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pdq deploy 1.2 release 3 (free) - remote console

Is a remote console available in any version of pdq deploy? For example, take WSUS. You install it on a server but you can install an admin console on any pc to remotely manage it. That admin console will connect to the server hosting WSUS. That way you don't have to physically login to the server or do a an RDP session to it. Anything like that available for PDQ?



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  • Not currently, no.  We do have plans to add something like this in the pro version, but the specifics are still under discussion.

  • Four years have passed since the question above was asked - I would like to re-submit the question.

    Having worked with SMS 2003 I know how much easier it is to be able to open an MMC-from your PC with a remote console as snap-in  - rather than to, RDP to a server to run the application.


    Best regads


  • i would also like an answer to this question

  • Hi Silva and Scott, we do not have a remote console. We are considering all options but at this time we are not making any announcements. 

  • Hi Shawn

    I agree with Scott. It woult be very desirable...