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  • Adam Ruth

    You are correct that this is a limitation in the current version of the software.  Our users who are making the use of this either have file share mirroring so that the same UNC path at different locations will refer to a local server, or are dealing primarily with computers over a WAN.

    There are a number of ways to deal with this issue and what we have planned is to allow for environment variables to be used in the paths and then allow for variables to be set for computers (or groups of computers).  So that you would use something like "\\%packageserver%\acrobat" and then each computer would go to its specified server.  This would also allow for variables to be set on the machines themselves, if users preferred.

    We're still working on this feature and would appreciate any additional ideas you might have.

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  • Marc De Schryver

    DFS could also provide a solution but not everyone knows how to set it up or have the access rights to do it.

    What Citrix does for their Streamed application deployment is to have alternate repository paths that a can be chosen based on different criteria. In this case the most logical one would be based on IP address (subnet) of the target computer(s).

    This feature should be built into PDQ deploy.

    It is probably the most important feature that is so often totally neglected by deployment software developers.



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