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  • Adam Ruth

    That's the percent that you want to use, so 80% would try to take up 80%.  100% uses all available.

    The % is based on ho long it takes to send data, so it will differ depending on the nature of the connection to the target machine.  To put it simply, the system times how long it takes to send some data and then pauses for an amount of time long enough to keep below the threshold.  So if you have a fast connection to one computer and a slow connection to another then the actual speed will be different on each.

    For example, if you have it set to 50% and it takes 10 seconds to send 1 MB then it will spend 10 additional seconds paused and not sending.  With an 80% limit and the same 10 seconds for 1 MB will pause for an extra 2.5 seconds.  Those pauses will be spread out through the 1 MB, though, not all at once.

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