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Helo to all 

Description of the situation 
I work in a domain environment, which is approximately 500 Dell workstations. I want to update BIOS on all machines using the *.exe file prepared by Client Configuration Toolkit. This file is tested on a test machine, on which i`m logged in as local administrator. Everything is performed accurately. 
Then, using the third part program PDQ Deploy i`m trying to deploy the package configuration remotely to the test computer. 
Here are different paths: 
- When the system is not currently logged, an error occurs 0x006c44bc 
- When the system is logged on non-admin user, an error occurs 0x006c44bc 
- When the system is logged as the local administrator, an error occurs 0x006c44bc 

- When the system is logged as a domain admin the process is successful. 

I'm authenticated in the PDQ as a domain admin. 

I tried this solution: 
but unfortunately it doesn`t work at all in my scenario. 

Maybe someone has met with a similar situation, with a similar problem and knows what is the solution to this puzzle. 

Thanks for all the answers.



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  • I solved the problem using the older software DCCU 3.0.
    This program also creates a *. exe package that makes BIOS changes to multiple computers. You just pay attention to the bug:
    Package DCCU program does not need any additional authorization or credentials, so you can also deploy it on all computers in your organization.

    Please close topic.

  • Thank you for the update, we're glad you got it working.