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How to deploy auto desk inventor pro 2012

I am unable to deploy the dvd onto a machine. I am not sure, if any one else has successfully silently installed this software onto a machine, if so could you give me the attributes you used to complete this task thank you.



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  • Gene,

    It looks like you need to create a deployment image.  AutoDesk has some documentation on the procedure:

  • Sorry Adam it took me so long to get back with you. I dropped the project for the time being. but I am back at it now.  Yes I am aware there is a deploy feature on the DVD it builds a folder base network install that works great if you want to manually walk to a machine and run it. The logs work an everything. However if I run it through PDQ I am getting a generic 1603 error fatal error during installation. I am at a loss if I am using the wrong switches or if I am using the wrong install file.


    here is a list of the files and there locations I have used



    And while running these files It does not create a log at all.



  • The 1603 error is the MSI generic error, to find out what actually went wrong you need to turn on MSI logging.  This will give you the full output which you can send to us for help in decyphering.

    One think you can try, though, is running the installer as "Local System" (in the credentials preferences or in the deployment window).  There are a number of installers that don't like running in the background under user accounts and 1603 is quite often the error code they use.


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