Deploying MS Access Runtime



  • Shane Corellian

    It sounds like there are multiple files that comprise the installation. Did you check the "Include entire directory" check box?

    Can you send us the front end app so we can test it out?


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  • Gareth Williams

    All I am trying to do is install the AccessRuntime 2010 which I downloaded from Microsoft, if I can sort that I believe everything else will be ok. The target machine starts to receive but after initial activity via the Task Manager the machine just waits?????

    Admittedly I am a beginner at this.

    Any help please


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  • Shane Corellian

    Well it looks like the command line switches that are provide with the Access Runtime 2010 don't actually work. I pulled up the usage statement for the installation by doing what I normally do: open up Start / Run and enter the path to the exe followed by a /?. The attached windows popped up. The switches /quiet and /norestart do not work as expected because user interaction is still expected. This is why your deployments have been hanging. The installation was waiting for someone to answer a question from a hidden window.

    If you notice, however, on the usage statement there is an EXTRACT option. I used that. The following is my exact syntax.

    "\\Scranton\Deploy\Microsoft\Microsoft Office\Access Runtime 2010\AccessRuntime_X64.exe" /extract:.\AccessTemp

    So, do this.

    Take the install file for AccessRuntime and run this command. (Assume your AccessRuntime.exe file is located in your C:\Users\Gareth\Desktop\Access directory.

    C:\Users\Gareth\Desktop\Access\AccessRuntime /extract:.\AccessTemp

    After the install files finish exploding go into the AccessTemp directory. 
    You will see the setup.exe. That will be your Installer File. Make sure check the Include Entire Directory box (otherwise your installation will fail because Setup.exe will not have any of the other files needed to complete the install)

    Copy the attached Config.xml file to this same directory where Setup.exe resides.

    Have your Parameters show this

    /config config.xml

    See attachment

    That should do it for you.

    This was a pretty difficult one to track down. Most of them shouldn't be like this.

    Anyway I googled 
    access runtime 2010 does not perform silent install

    And I found these two sites

    The first site you will see that I am using his recommendation for the Config File.

    The second link is to the very trusty AppDeploy site. There was some great feedback there but it mostly had to do with including Access Runtime in the original Office deployment using Office Customization Tool OCT.

    Let us know if that works for you

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