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Question about deployment

Good Afternoon,

I have a question in regards to the deployment. I see that you can deploy to any pc through Active Directory, but is there also a way to push software to PC's not joined to the domain? I didn't see any info on this in the forums and just wanted to touch base to see if it was possible to do through IP or some other means. Thanks in advance! Dustin



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  • Yes. You just need to use the proper credentials to deploy to the non-domain machines. Here is an example: I have a computer that is not part of an Active Directory domain. In this case, when I deploy to this computer I specify a different set of credentials. I use a local administrator account. (Any local account will do as long as it is A) enabled and B) is a member of the local Administrators group). In this case I just use his local administrator account.



    And when I deploy, I simply use the local creds I just created.


  • There is one thing to remember - a Professional version of Windows is required. It won't work with home editions.

  • Thank you, yes, home editions don't have the necessary file sharing components for remote administration.