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Login failure- Failed to read file on source

When I try to deploy IE8 exe file on a remote computer I get this error (Login failure- Failed to read file on source), I am just wondering can I deploy EXE files or only MSI. What should I do to resolve this error.



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  • You can deploy IE 8 with either the EXE or MSI that is provided by Microsoft.

    The error indicates that during the installation a file was attempted to be read but was unable to. This is sometimes due to anti-virus systems running on target machines. Do you have AV running? Sometimes it blocks files that have been copied to the target system for installation, so when the installation runs the files cannot be accessed.  If you have AV we suggest disabling it and testing again. 

    Here is a blog article we wrote about deploying IE8. If you still have questions let us know. IE8 is a common app deployed by our users and we want it to be successful for you.


  • To add to Shawn's ideas, it may be that the user credentials used for the background service don't have permissions to read the file.  This is most common if the background service user is a local account and the install files are located on a file share.