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Is PDQ Deploy free or not?

The inventory software and website says PDQ Deploy is 100% free.  Yet under Buy, it shows PDQ Deploy costing $249.  This is very confusing.  Is it free?  Isn't it free?  Are you trying to hoodwink us?  :)



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  • Hi George, PDQ Deploy is free. In fact we just hit our 25,000th free user this last weekend. If users want some of the advanced features they can purchase a pro mode key which will unlock the advanced features. There is nothing additional that needs to be installed. 

    I think the 100% might be confusing some folks. We'll probably get that changed. We just wanted everyone to know that they can use and distribute the free mode without any cost. Sorry for any confusion. 

    BTW, we set out to have a free version that was actually awesome, vs. having the free version be a watered down version that just hyped the pro. So far so good, a lot of users really like the free mode and will move to pro mode when they need to schedule deployments or have an installer that runs multiple steps. 

  • Thanks, that clears things up!