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Adobe Acrobet 9.5 Silent install

Hello. I am unable to find the quiet install switch for the 9.5 Adobe Acrobat full version (*not* reader the file I am using is AcrobatUpd951_all_incr.msp). Also, in general I am finding locating these swithces a somewhat frustrating experinece. Is there some central repository or knowledgebase for the most common ones (i.e Reader, Flash, Java. Full Acrobat)?




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  • used to be an awesome site to find install switches, but they've been assimilated by ITNinja and their content is not as easy to find, but the data is still there (somewhere).

    When you use an MSP it should automatically be set to silent. If you copy the "Command Line" and attempt to install Acrobat manually on a system using that same string, does it install silently?

  • Forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean by the "command line". Do you mean copy the path to the MSP file as it is saved on my Hard Drive into the parameters field? Thanks.

  • I'm referencing the PDQ Deploy Installer page field labeled "Command Line". (see attached image example). This is the command that PDQ Deploy will execute on each target system after copying the install files.command-line-portion.png

  • OK, it looks like I am set. As you mentioned earlier the MSP file did not need a switch. It is working 'as is". thanks for the assist!

  • One point; the area to put the switch in is the "Parameters" field (or the Command Line when you check the Custom box). 

    Glad that it's working. Let us know if you need anything else.