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Check to see if program open before deploying application

I saw that there is a way to use PDQ Pro to use taskkill to kill the programs like iexplore.exe, etc before uninstall/install software like flash.

What I would like it to do is check if iexplore.exe is open, if it is skip that computer with an error code indicating that program was open so I can go back another time and try and do the deployment again. If the program isn’t open then do the install.

Would this be possible to do? 



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  • Yes, you can do this in the Pro mode of PDQ Deploy. In the current version It is kind of a round-about way of doing it, kind of like using TaskKill. In this case you could use TaskList.exe to see if the application is running. If it is, it will exit with a 0 error code. Code 0 is generally considered a success but if you change the Successful Return Codes value to include 1 and not 0 then it would work. For example, to see if winword.exe is running you could use a command step with the following command.

    %WINDIR%\System32\tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq winword.exe" | find /I /N "winword.exe"

    If you want to terminate the deployment because this process is running then have the Success Codes field only contain the number 1. (Remove the default 0) Under Options make sure the Error Mode is set to Stop Deployment with Error. 

  • Thanks Shane. Seems to have done the trick. I had found something similar on a website somewhere but the syntax was different and was never consistent in its results across different machines.