Java JRE 6u31 limbo

I have verified the settings and ever watched the video but when attempting to do the install on my test machine its ben running for 55 minutes and nothing has even shown up in the c:\program files\Java folder... it shows as running under task manager along with pdqdeploryrunner.exe.... any auggestions on this? I would like to use this for more deployments, but with this current issue im not sure now...





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  • In PDQ Deploy, please export the installer (File > Export). This will create an .xml file that we can review to see if everything looks right. Sometimes the different versions of Java change things up. Please post the .xml here and we'll review. 


  • I attached my configuration from both ways I have tried it. With the exe I left the package as the default exe. This is the one that timed out after 1 hour the MSI one just tosses out a generic 1603 error



  • Hi Ben,

    There is a problem with attempting to deploy Java 6 Update 31 from the default installation exe file. You were passing the proper command line arguments but these args are not being completely honored by the Java install. You can verify this yourself by running the file, jre-6u31-windows-i586-s.exe /quiet /norestart. You will still see a welcome window from Oracle and this window expects input to proceed. This is most likely the reason why the deployments from the EXE installer is hanging.

    I was able to get your msi installer to work fine. I did remove your /quiet parameter and just checked the Quiet checkbox under the MSI options. I did, however, place a /log parameter. Use this so that we can see why you are getting 1603 errors. This error could be the result of real time virus proctection. If this is the case you are going to want to exclude the %WINDIR%\PDQDeployRunner directory from any real time protection. (The directory should still be scanned, just turn off the real time feature)

    I noticed that you did have the Include Entire Directory option checked. Just want to make sure... are there other files in D:\Software Deployment Library\jre1.6.0_31? Verify that and gtapi.dll exist. I have attached what my deployment directory looks like. These files all get pushed down to the target computers. When the file jre1.6.0_31.msi is executed (this is my main Installer file) it will need and other files. If any of these files are missing (because they weren't copied down or because a real time virus scan deleted them) then you will get a 1603 error.

    Import this new Java and give it a run. We need to examine the log file to see what is causing the 1603.

  • Just an update... if you want to deploy Java from the default exe (and not from the MSI) then the silent switch is no longer /quiet. It is now /s. See the image below. I used this installer to successfully deploy Java 6 update 31 to some Vista and Win 7 systems. The IEXPLORER=1 and MOZILLA=1 switches will cause the plug-ins to be registered. If the target computer currently has one of the updated browsers running then the deployment will get an error out on that

  • This is what I have for a log, i went through it and what its telling me that i think there may be something wrong with this machine... but not 100% sure... because i tested it and there is no java on it... but says there is... so im installing 1.6 U 24 as a test manually then im going to let the installer try again tomorrow...



  • I got it to install this morning. After seeing the error message in the log file, then seeing it during a manual instal of another version, I found some articles on the internal error 2753. regutils.dll. I downloaded the free version of Revo Uninstaller and selected anything that was listed under JAVA on that machine and had it perform an uninstall and cleanup of the left over garbage. This test machine was messed up since I inherited it (another reason I should be testing my installs on a virtual machine...)


    Thanks for everyones help, everything was key in pointing me in the right direction.



  • You're welcome. If you've emerged from Java issues without having become an alcoholic then you've done better than many other admins. It can be very frustrating at times. 

    Thanks too to selfman for sharing the link!

  • You are welcome. Just one more hint tho, in case of installer trouble, its good to clean up the Windows installer repository using "WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEAN UP UTILITY"

    MsiZap.exe G! - cleans up leftovers from installers when stuff get uninstalled
    msicuu.exe - GUI for installer removal

    One of the reasons why I first uninstall java and then install a new version.
    I've mentioned my batch file here before, but for making things easy:

    @echo off
    echo Removing previous JRE versions

    for /f %%a in (jre-uninstall-list.txt) do MsiExec.exe /uninstall %%a /passive /quiet
    echo Installing current JRE version
    jre-6u31-windows-i586.exe /qn /s AgreeToLicense=YES IEXPLORER=1 MOZILLA=0 REBOOT=ReallySupress JAVAUPDATE=0 ADDLOCAL=ALL AUTOUPDATECHECK=0 JU=0
    echo Removing Java update sheduler
    reg delete "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" /v SunJavaUpdateSched /f
    echo Stopping Java QuickStarter Service
    net stop JavaQuickStarterService @ping localhost -n 5 >nul
    echo Removing Java QuickStarter Service
    sc delete JavaQuickStarterService
    echo Done...

    the jre-uninstall-list.txt contains just the list of java GUIDs


    I've never had problem to install JRE using this batch

    But as allways - be carefull what you are deleting


  • LOL thanks again, now I get to tackle another pain in the @rce program from what i have been reading.... RightFax... ugg will the pain ever cease?


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