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PDQ Deploy Diagnose Report - Access Denied - Failed to connect to ADMIN$ share Access to the path...

All other machines in the Deployment List had no problems, so I suspect that PDQ Deploy failed with the only Windows 2008 Server Machine as all the others are Windows 2003 Machines. So does that mean PDQ Deploy does not support Windows 2008? 

E-Mail : <email removed>
Error : Access Denied - Failed to connect to ADMIN$ share
: Access to the path '\\<computer_name>\ADMIN$' is denied.
Error Type : AdminArsenal.Runner.AuthorizationException



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  • Hi Wilfredo,

    No, PDQ Deploy works with 2008. In your original ticket I see that you are using a local account. Does this account exist on the Windows 2008 system? If it does exist, is it in the Administrators group?

    Can you access the ADMIN$ on the 2008 system? (\\ComputerName\ADMIN$)  If you can then we know that File and Printer sharing is enabled (which is required). In that case you may need to enable Remote UAC. This can be a gotcha when you attempt to access the ADMIN$ using local credentials.