Unknown error 1603 when deploying Java 7

I am deploying latest version of Java to an XP Pro SP3 machine. I verified the version on the java's website, which it tells me I have an older version and I need the latest update. I'm sending this ticket from my PC which is Windows 7. 

E-Mail : <withheld>
Error : Unknown error 1603
Error Type : AdminArsenal.PDQDeploy.Exceptions.MsiUnknownException
License Mode : Free
Memory : 4 GB (821 MB free)
Product : PDQ Deploy
Subject : PDQ Deploy Diagnose Report
Version :
Windows : Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (6.1.7601.65536)

Unknown error 1603
File Path:\\<withheld>\software\Java\jre1.7.0_04.msi
MSI Error Code: 1603
Command Line: msiexec.exe /i "jre1.7.0_04.msi" ALLUSERS=1 /q /norestart /quiet /norestart
Computer Name: <withheld> 
User Name: <withheld>\administrator
Installer: Java

Originally from ticket 11006



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  • Hi,

    First... I noticed that you added the /quiet /norestart parameters to the installer. PDQ Deploy will, by default, add these when the installer file is a Windows Installer (.MSI, .MSP, .MSU). Notice that your command line shows the quiet and the norestart twice. Go ahead and remove the last two parameters. That is more of an FYI since this won't necessarily cause a 1603 error.

    The error is most likely caused because the Data1.cab file cannot be located. Do you have this file in the same directory as your jre1.7.0_04.msi file? If  the data1.cab file is in the same directory make sure to check the Include entire directory checkbox on your PDQ Installer. If you don't have this box checked (or you haven't added the data1.cab file via the Add Files box then the deployment will throw the 1603 error. 

    1603 often means that a file that was expected during installation couldn't be found. The cause of this can be failure to include the file (via Include all files) and it can also be caused by antivirus software deleting the other files needed for a deployment.

    If you did include the entire directory then look at your anti virus real time scanning. You may need to create an exclusion to prevent the %WINDIR%\PDQDeployRunner folder from your real time scanning.

    PDQ Deploy copies all the deployment files down to the Windows\PDQDeployRunner directory. It is accessed via the ADMIN$ (%targetcomputer%\ADMIN$\PDQDeployRunner). Some anti virus real time scanners will delete files that are placed in the Windows directory which is why this exclusion may need to be added.


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