deploying visual basic 2010

Does anyone have a installer for Visual Basic 2010 already? If not is there a video? Documentation? 



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  • Here are the steps for an unattended install as specified from Microsoft. These instructions are for Visual Studio 2010. There may be some required mods if you are only using VB.

    Basically you'll need to create an .ini file and push the deployment with the /unattendfile switch.

    ---From Microsoft MSDN---

    To create a Visual Studio unattend .ini file

    1. Insert the Visual Studio 2010 DVD and ignore the autorun message.

    2. Click Start, click Run, and then type drive:\setup\Setup.exe /createunattend path of the .ini file you want to create.

      For example: D:\setup\setup.exe /createunattend c:\VS2010_deployment.ini

    3. Follow the directions on the Start page of Setup, and then click Next.

    4. On the Options page, select Customize, and then click Next.

    5. On the Customize page, select the features that you want to deploy, and then click Save Settings.

      To run unattended Visual Studio Setup on a client computer

      • Click Start, click Run, and then type \\<servername>\VS2010\Setup\setup.exe /unattendfile <path of the Visual Studio .ini file>

        For example: \\server\VS2010\Setup\setup.exe /unattendfile \\server\VS2010\VS2010_deployment.ini


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