a setup.exe calls another msi file, causes in errors like..



  • gracebie

    The problem you facing is so annoying you can resolve it by doing following steps
    - Clean Windows Registry
    - Download and Install Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
    - Modify registry information related to Windows Installer
    - Grant Full Access to Concerning File.
    I am also sharing a article like tutorial where you will find whole detail of given
    steps to get rid from this error


    Wish you best of luck

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  • TonsOFun

    Hi Edv, 

    Whenever i encounter an issue with installations that require "original" files, i end up having to just script a batch program. 

    With your issue, this is what i would do. 

    Create a batch file with the following example lines:


    cd \

    mkdir temp

    xcopy "\\server\pdqdeploy\AX4.0Client\" "C:\temp\" /S /E /Q /H /Y 



    Basically, first and second lines would allow you to create a temporary working folder to copy all the install files needed. 

    Third line copies all installation file(s) needed for the install

    Fourth line runs the setup - you need to insert whatever parameters you'd like to make it a silent install.

    The next batch file would be at the end or rather at the end of the deploy package that is to perform the cleanup. 

    rmdir c:\temp /S /Q


    Cleans the directory, and deletes it (without prompts)


    i recommend this method only because you have full control over where the files go, and of course, when to remove it. 

    good luck! 

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