Do I need to uninstall previous versions of Java, Flash, Air, Reader before pushing out new?


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  • Shane Corellian

    Hi Klint,

    Generally, no you wouldn't need to do that. There are exceptions, however.

    Java will automatically attempt to uninstall previous Java updates from the same family. e.g Java 7 Update 25 will attempt to uninstall Java 7 Update 21 but it wouldn't uninstall Java 6. Adobe will generally upgrade the existing version but there are a few exceptions too.

    Flash is pretty much a slam dunk. If you run into problems its usually because a new version is trying to upgrade a very old version. Adobe AIR will upgrade a previous version but the deployment will fail (usually with an Error code of 2) if the target computer is running an AIR app.

    That being said, Yes you can call an uninstall package from your Install package if you wanted. The image below shows a Java 7 Update 25 package will includes a call to another package (we call this a Nested Package). See step 2 in the image. This will attempt to uninstall Java 6 before installing Java 7.




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