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Java 7 Update 25 not registering with the browser?

I've tried to push out the Java 7u25 to my domain, but it doesn't seem to be registering with the browser. When we run a browser test with Skillport, it says Java isn't installed. I'm having a lot of issues because we use Skillport for employee training.

URL to the browser test:



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  • Is it possible that you have a GPO which prevent Java from running?

    You can allways run the oficial test


  • GPO isn't blocking it. And the test from Java doesn't see it either. But it shows up in control panel.

  • In IE10 click Menu Tools > Manage addons. Check if java is included and enabled.

  • Can you configure Java from Control Panel? Sometimes if Java is corrupt the Control Panel Java applet will show up even though Java has been corrupted. If you can access it, go to the Security tab and verify that the Enable Java content in the browser has been enabled. If you can't access the Java control panel then Java is definitely corrupt. 

    Please let us know. 

  • It shows up in the control panel, but I can't access it. So, it is corrupt.

  • We just updated the package: Java (JRE) 7 (32-bit) - ALTERNATE Update 25. Download this package from the library and deploy it to a few machines. 

    The changes that we made were to uninstall Update 25 (as well as previous versions). This way a corrupt Update 25 (like you are seeing) will be reinstalled.


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