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Rebooting between steps

I'm trying to run a three step installer.  The first step is a batch file that uninstalls one component.  The second step uninstalls a component with a command line.  The third step installs the new software.  Between the second and third steps the computer requires a reboot, or step three fails.  If I allow the reboot however, the third steps runs and comes back with "the specified network name is no longer available."


Is there any way to have PDQ pause between steps, or have it reestablish connection with the target when it comes back up?

My current solution is to schedule to first two steps as a single installer, then schedule the third step as a separate installer 15min later.  If anyone can suggest a better solution, I'm all ears.



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  • Unfortunately there's nothing built in at the current time, though we are working on it.  The solution you have know is probably the best option, even if it is a bit kludgey (on our part, not yours).

  • Glad to hear it will be a future feature at least.  Thanks for the responce.

  • There is a way by either using the task scheduler or a tool which runs the installer as service (for one time). But, I think that at the moment its not worth the effort. Using the 2 installer system is the easier way. Uninstall, reboot, reinstall.

  • @AdminArsenal is there any update? ;o)

  • Has this feature since been added?


    Perhaps step the application uninstall/install of step two reboots the machine on it's own.

    Step 3 is a heartbeat step that waits until the machine is back up to resume the package?

  • @Darryl Berry

    Yes, the Reboot step handles reboots gracefully now.

  • Reboot steps are a thing in Deploy now. Have been for quite some time now.

    Here's how I'd set it up:


  • What if step 2 installs an application which inherently reboots the machine and does not support a suppress reboot switch? Can the same package continue executing when the machine comes online?


    Perhaps if step 3 is a sleep step giving enough time to ensure the machine is back online? And if so, could there be a means to create a heartbeat step to wait until the machine is online, and then continue with the rest of the steps?

  • No, if Step 2's installer invokes a reboot it will break the deployment.

    Thank you for the feature request. It’s important, as we've been a customer-driven product since the beginning. I've made a note of the request, but cannot provide a timeline when, or if, the request will be approved or, if approved, with what version.

  • Understood. It would make things a little easier, but there are ways around it regardless and I love your software!


    For other users:

    I'm deploying OS Upgrades and was wanting to perform some post upgrade configurations and apply the new OS's Monthly Rollup.

    For anyone else reading this wanting the same thing, I created a Collection for the new OS version. I created a scheduled deployment to the Collection which is triggered by heartbeat, and will apply the Configuration and Monthly Rollup. So as a machine comes back online from the upgrade, it should receive the post upgrade packages once the heartbeat period has elapsed.