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copy bug in console?

I know I've ran into this before. You right click on a folder & you have the option to copy. But when you right click on another folder you don't have the option to paste. Where does the copy go to? Basically I just wanted the same folder structure in another folder so I wanted to copy it but couldn't.

So I did a "duplicate" on an installer instead which is a longer way because now I still have to recreate the folder structure. When I duplicate the installer it automatically brings up the installer window for me to make any changes. It also automatically adds "copy 1" to the end of the installer name. That's cool but why won't it let me save it without me having to make some change on it? If I can't click on save & then click the X button the "duplicate" disappears & is gone to "I'll never see you again" land. Can you guys look into this?




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  • Hi Jonathan,

    Sorry. In version 2.0.1 the Copy command only copies the name of the selected node. You can paste it in a text editor. Since this really isn't helpful, we have removed the Duplicate option and have made Copy actually grab the objects for pasting. This way you can copy a folder and all of its child objects and paste them somewhere else in your tree. This is available in the next version, which is in a limited beta right now. If you would like to test it out, drop us a request to our support email.