Deploying Juniper Junos Pulse VPN client



  • TonsOFun

    Use a batch command file. 

    Copy the config file first to a temporary folder. 

    something like MKDIR C:\TEMP

    then copy the file to TEMP

    then, using your command above to reference the temp location. 

    msiexec -i jpulse402x86.msi CONFIGFILE="c:\temp\corp.jnprpreconfig" ADDLOCAL=PulseSA,SAEndpointDefense,SAHostChecker /qb

    you can also use that same batch file to clean/delete that file as well. 

    (del command, RMDIR command)

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  • TonsOFun

    darn, no edits. i should have been a little more detailed. 

    Basically, in PDQ Deploy, you would use the batch file instead of the msi. 

    The MSI will be called upon from the batch file. 

    so basically, in PDQ Deploy it will point to setup.bat

    and here's the logic i'm thinking for the setup.bat file itself

    1.) Copy/create temp location on the user's workstation (e.g. C:\Temp)

    2.) if you're having trouble with network shares, then omit referencing network shares by copying the jpulse203x86.msi to the temp location as well

    3.) msiexec -i c:\temp\jpulse402x86.msi CONFIGFILE="c:temp\corp.jnprpreconfig" ADDLOCAL=PulseSA,SAEndpointDefense,SAHostChecker /qb

    4.) del C:\Temp\corp.inprpreconfig

    5.) del c:\temp\jpulse402x86.msi

    6.) rmdir c:\temp

    That should get you going. 

    if you have questions on how to do this, please let us know. 

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