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  • Shane Corellian

    Hi John,

    To do something like this you would want to add additional steps to your PDQ Package. A good example of this is the ALTERNATE package for Java (available in the Package Library). In the image below you can see that Java 7 Update 25 doesn't actually get installed until Step 27. The previous 26 steps were preparing the target for the install by killing browsers and deleting certain registry keys. **NOTE: This is generally not required for a Java installation. The Alternate package is meant to install Java on targets that have a previously corrupted installation**



    There is a package available to uninstall Java 6. You can find this in the Package Library. One thing you could do is run a package which calls the Uninstall package as part of a Nested Step. The image below is from the standard Java package (not the Alternate). I have simply added a new Nested Package step (Step 2) which calls the Uninstall Java 6 package. This happens before Java 7 gets installed.



    No, there isn't a native way to run a certain action based on an error. In order to get that granular you'd need to place that type of logic in a script and then call that script instead.

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  • John Wood

    Thank you for your information.  I have not tested this, but after seeing a little bit more information, I created an Uinstall task that simply runs the uninstall command line string, hopefully that is fine.  As far as your alternate install, I assume there is no issue with running all those uninstall strings prior to running the installer, you just make sure that it doesn't stop the process if that fails?



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