Failed to connect to service manager - Service did not respond in a timely fashion

Well, I searched for any information about this and it seems there is one other posting out there about this, but my issue is about "timing out" and I have narrowed it down to Windows 8/2012.

Basically, EVERY SINGLE TIME I perform a deployment against 10-30 machines, any and every machine that is Windows 8/2012 will FAIL but if I redeploy all failed machines right after, then it auto-magically works. No changes. No restarts. No nothing. Just re-submit and this has been consistent now for several weeks, so just figured I would throw this up for others.

I am guessing something has to be changed in PDQ Deploy to basically re-try the service connection after a few seconds, maybe 3 attempts with a 30-second gap, maybe allow us to modify this in Preferences, etc. Either way, this problem is with Windows 8/2012 so it can be fixed any number of ways, but just annoying right now that I have to keep re-submitting jobs to those machines after each deployment. :(




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  • Don,

    There does appear to be some issues with SMB 3 (used by 2012 and 8) which can cause timeouts when a certain number of outbound connects are made, but not in all environments.  We've been working on a fix which may help out here.  I'll send you a test build via e-mail if you'd like to see if it helps.


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