• Shane Corellian

    Hi Daniel,

    To do this from PDQ Deploy you'd need to be running in Pro mode and you'll need at least version 2.3. Pro mode lets you run deployments as the Logged On User on the target machines. I am attaching an example package. Once again, Pro Mode is required. Import the attached pdqpkg file into PDQ Deploy (File > Import)

    Step 1 copies the new BMP (your desired background image) to the Windows directory. Go ahead and replace the image that I included with your own. Make sure to change the Include Files to include the new file.

    Step 2 runs some reg commands that are outlined in this article. Don't forget to change the name of the file NewBackground.bmp to your new file.





    On the Conditions tab of each step set the Logged On State to "Only run if a user is logged on"


    On the Options tab of Step 2 check the  Run As Logged On User option. (Don't set this for Step 1)



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  • Richard Durivage

    I would like to be able to accomplish this same function of changing the windows background image but for all the users on our company PCs...    What would I need to do to be able to get this done ???  


    Thanks for any help !!!  

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  • Richard Durivage

    I should also mention that all our PCs are in workgroups and not a domain...  and that I know all the user names for each PC....      I just need to be able to change the background on each PC for each user on that PC... .  without them having to be logged in...     Hope you guys can help me out !!!



    Thanks !


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  • Munesh Supramaniam

    Hi Shane,


    I would like to push desktop background using pdq deploy 6.0 to our domain machines. Any ideas to push it. Can PDQ deploy the desktop background issues?


    Thank you


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