scheduled deployment broken after update 2.3r3?

Installed deploy 2.3r3 this week. Had some installs scheduled to run 20 July during 2-3am. They never executed? Didn't realized it until this evening when I noticed I had not received the emails from deploy about the status of the deployments like I usually do in the morning. First time this happens. Not sure if the update caused it to fail? I checked that I did put in correct time & date. Checked its status & under "last run" it was empty...

I have changed the date to execute 21 July during the same time frame. Hopefully it will run this time.



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  • Did the new schedule kick off? We haven't been able to duplicate the problem. How were your targets populated? Were they pulled from an Inventory collection? Active Directory? If the schedule didn't see any targets then it wouldn't get kicked off.


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