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Parameters on deployment

I try to do some jobs, but I'm not able to install a file .exe without more application.
What are the possible "Additional Parameters" that I can add on the installation package?
to example what the meaning of
/allusers=1 /desktop=0 /group=1
In the user guide I find news only for the silent mode..
The example file that I use for the tests is "Ccleaner.exe" that in the installation can or not install google Chrome and the toolbar.
Are there any parameters that block this possibilities?


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  • Silent parameters vary per application and vendor. I have found the best way to find silent parameters is one of two ways: 1) Manually run the EXE file with a /? parameter. This will, in many cases, present a usage window which explains the silent installation options. 2) I simply go to Google. The terms you can use are "ccleaner silent install" or  "ccleaner unattended install" or "ccleaner unattended install"

    If you want to silently deploy CCleaner you can pass the


    parameter. Note the S is upper case. To download the slim version (without Ask toolbar or other bundled crap) you can visit It does take several days after a new release before Piriform provides a slim download.

  • Hello,

    thanks for the answer.

    Now it works!!!