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Package Library error



I currently do have a ticket opened with AA in regards to this already, but was wondering from the general population if you guys were getting the same error. 

Trying to troubleshoot what is going on and seeing if i can localize the problem. 

Anyhow, this started happening recently where i would click on the Package Library module, and hit the "refresh" key in order to see which packages are available for me to download. Upon hitting refresh, i get an error "Error updating packages from Web... The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error."

This error also occurs if I attempt to download an existing package in the library. 

If you guys are not getting this error, then I'll probably need to reinstall? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Ah, this has been resolved. 

    Looks like i was one of the first to download the deploy update, which still had problems. 

    Shane sent the "real" installer over and fixed the prob. 

    Anyhow, you can mark this case resolved i guess, or delete. 


  • This case was definitely an outlier. If anyone else has this problem please post it here and we will get back to you.