Sometimes, Flash install is not detected by browser

We have deployed the latest flash (All IE) package to our users, but some are experiencing a problem. When they open IE and browse to a flash-required page, the browser warn that they don't have flash installed. Navigating to add/remove programs confirms that the software is installed. Rebooting the PC does nothing to help.

This happens on both windows XP and Windows 7 clients.

Uninstalling the package and re-deploying fails similarly. 

So far, the only fix for these clients is to uninstall the package and install the version from Adobe.



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  • That is not a bug of the installer but of the site which tells the browser it needs a higher version.

    Check this thread

  • The site refers to

    codebase=',0,0,0' (or simmilar) checking for Flash higher than which does not exist yet. Thus the browser request repeatedly the installer.

    If its your site, contact your service provider or fix it your self.

  • No, it's more than that. The browser detects no version of Flash. The frame where the Flash content should be is just a broken area, and even the adobe site tries to install the "missing" plugin. I included a screenshot of an affected system. (See above; Flash.PNG)

    More info: A few affected clients were fixed simply by uninstalling the deployed version, rebooting, and redeploying the same package. I know that rebooting without removing the deployed package didn't fix it. Since this isn't very much to go on, I will just try to provide more information next time, should it happen again. 


    Thanks for your time.

  • I had something similar happen to me but not because of PDQ. Turned out to be a corrupt user profile. Flash was already installed by pdq & had been working. All of a suddent it stopped & would show the same symptoms as you described. So I logged in as another user to the same affected computer & flash was recognized with no problem. So I recreated the user's profile & flash was working again.

  • It is also possible that the browser was running during flash installation and something went wrong. Like Jonathan said, registry corruption, filesystem corruption can be the culprit.I mostly prefere an installation after a computer reboot without logged in users. And also I am runnig the flash uninstall tool before I install the new version.

    It can run silently, still remember that no browser should be running else a reboot is necessary.

  • Thanks, both of you. I am thinking that since it is a small number of clients, it was an issue not related to PDQ at all, but something that may have been experienced by many on a small scale. I have also seen some profiles with flash problems, and logging in under any other account had no problems.


    At any rate, I will be making use of the uninstall tool prior to deployment, as well. 

  • Thank you for the post.  I'll try some of these things as I had similar issues of the add-on not showing in the browser.


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