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Java 7u40 - Messages Popping up on Client Machines

A few of our users that have been pushed Java 7u40 (pro package - not the alternate) had windows pop up on their desktop during the deployment.

One user got a window asking about something running outside of Protected Mode - he did have IE open during the deployment.  The kill browsers step was disabled.  I unfortunately was unable to get a screenshot of this.  Their deployment was successful and the window went away when clicked "Allow" and did not come back.

Another user got an "Interactive Services Detection" window which is attached.  Their deployment was not successful and closing the window just causes it to come back again (even tho the deployment was aborted).


Any ideas?  We haven't tried the Alternate package as my understanding was that was for packages that actually fail.  Another point of info - I am using my own credentials to install this (domain admin privs).



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  • Hi,


    Did you solve this issue?

    We have the same problem with Java 7u51


  • Hi Arjan,

    On those machines that are experiencing this problem make sure to deploy the ALTERNATE Java package. See the video below.

  • Yup, I believe the alternate package solved this.  As far as I know, we haven't used the alternate for any other deployments, just the one (40) that we had this issue with.

  • thanks, I'm going to try that.

  • Any idea what causes this? I have this message coming up on several packages that I have build and I would like to avoid it. Thanks.

  • Java update is very troublesome, and I am also trying to figure out the best way to update java without using the ALTERNATE package.

    We are running several applications that are dependent on Java - and there require weird settings to java. 

    Just killing browsers is problematic at least without having users prompted before. Although I find that the success rate of java deployment is dependent of killing browsers before an update.

    I added the message step... but as I see it, it is only giving the user an option of clicking "OK" - and if they don't do anything within the wait time, the update continues anyway.

    Is it possible to have give the users a choise of "yes/no" (or even better a postpone)?

    Regards, Lars.