Scheduled deployment Wake on Lan and Shutdown after deployment


I would like to make a scheduled deployment of a package. It must be installed beyond working hours. so is it possible to wake up (boot) the computers and automaticly shutdown when deployment is complete.

So i can setup a scheduled deployment that runs at night for example.

Or is this feature allready there but i couldn't find it?





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  • You can turn on Wake-on-LAN in Preferences -> Deployments -> Offline Policy.  This will attempt to wake a computer whenever you send a deployment.

    There isn't a way to built-in way to shutdown a computer after the deployment, but you can run the shutdown.exe command at the end of the package by adding a Command Step.  For example:  shutdown /f /s

  • Arjan,

    we using following powershell script for it. this script is checking if somebody is logged on or not. if not the script is doing a shutdown.

    you need a all files (.exe & .ps1) below for running this script in a folder. try it on a test machine before you use it on productive machines.


  • Hi,

    Do I need to change the ps1 script?

    I'm going to test both.


  • Arjan,

    have you test it ? If please let me know if this works for you.



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