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VBS or BAT Script to remove network drives thru PDQ Deploy

Hello All- I was trying to push out a script to remove the network drives thru PDQ Deploy. What is the best way to go about this?

I've try my vbs file and PDQ Deploy returned success code but drives are still mapped.




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  • Hi Glenn,

    Remember that drive mappings are per user. This means if you want to delete a drive mapping for the currently logged on user you need to set the "Run as Logged On User" option in the step that calls the vbs script. If you don't do this then the drive mappings will be removed for the deployment user.

  • If you are in a domain, you can do it in the logonscript as this is executed at logon.

  • Thanks Shane and SelfMan -  took a another look and use the suggestion of running thru a logonscript and worked like a charm


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