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PDQ Deploy - Product Library Notification

This may be a dumb question but - 


In PDQ Deploy - for the notification of new packages in Package Library - is that an email notification, or a notification in the "tray" - (where the general program update notifications reside).  I was looking for a place to setup the email notification settings, but I didnt see anything in the application...



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  • Hi Kevin,

    In version 3.0.1 there isn't an area in the application to configure Package Library notifications. As new packages are available you will see a link in the status bar (as you noted) and you'll see a link in the top of the Package Library window.

    The ability to configure package library notifications will be available in a future version. If you want to get emailed when new packages are added you can subscribe to PDQ Deploy Package Library forum.

  • It would be wonderful to be notified when an auto-deploy package that I have a schedule for gets updated. That way, if something breaks due to a new version, it would be easier to narrow down the problem. PDQ already has the Deployment notifications, maybe it could work similar to that.