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pdq deploy not deploying on schedule

I believe I wrote about this before & now it has happened again. Scheduled some installs but they never ran. Attached is a picture.

Been on vacation the last 2 weeks & come back to find this out. Not good. I usually schedule my installs after windows updates because that way I can make sure all computers were restarted so nothing is left opened. I'll have to wait until next week's patch Tuesday to try this again.

Current version 2.3 r4. Just upgraded to version 2.3 r8.



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  • Can you confirm that the service was running on the console machine?  Please attach an export of the schedule that is in question.

  • This has already been resolved. Turns out the server had been turned off so obviously nothing could happen. Would be nice if PDQ would be able to alert you to this fact by email or even a message at startup of PDQ.

  • Greetings,

    strange situation: PDQ deploy running on a WS16. In my test package I have just one command step: " ping localhost". It runs fine once when doing a "start schedule" but it doesn't trigger after that (every 10 minutes as programmed). A different install package schedules fine, what am I doing wrong? Please advise.



  • ste gil

    It sounds like you have "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" enabled.

  • Many thanks, that solved my problem! To me it was not clear, that "stop deploying to targets..." actually meant stopping the schedule triggers...