CutePDF install hangs

I just got PDQ Deploy, so perhaps it is user error, but whenever I deploy my CutePDF package, PDQ will return a message saying FAILED or SUCCESSFUL. It will continue to look like it is doing the job forever (15 minutes is the longest i let it sit). The odd part is that when i go check the remote PC I see CutePDF has actually successfully installs.


So it seems that for some reason PDQ deploy is not recieving the message that the program successfully installed.





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  • We see this when an application fails to return an exit code after installation. Sometimes (even though it's run silently) an application will display a modal window stating that the install is completed. Since you often need to acknowledge a modal to get it to go away, and since PDQ runs in the background, the modal can't be acknowledged (since it isn't seen) and will just hang there. That results in either a timeout but the app is still installed.

    Not sure if that's what's happening with CutePDF, but we've seen it with other apps in the past.

  • It sounds like exactly what you described. It's not big deal since it still installs. I'll just allow ample time to pass by before i stop the deployment.

  • It's still annoying. It can mess up your install reports, too. To verify I would manually run the installation (not using PDQ Deploy) on a target computer, and run it silently just as you do in PDQ. Since you are doing it manually if there is a modal window then you'll see it and you will then be able to confirm that that is the issue.

  • I know this is old, but is there any way around this? 

  • Hi Cameron, the best way to see if it is throwing an "install is complete" window is to install it silently INDEPENDENT from PDQ Deploy. On a target system open a command window, and using the same credentials that you use with PDQ, try the install using the same silent parameters that PDQ uses. See if the install occurs silently and then see if a window pops up. Because you are installing manually you would still see the window. If it does popup, then you'll know for certain.

    As to your question on how to work around it, you would need to contact the vendor of CutePDF for a work-around. PDQ isn't a repackager so we can only use switches and parameters that are provided by each software vendor.

  • If CutePDF is hanging it's probably because it is waiting for confirmation (which the user won't see since the installation is running silently and non-interactive) to download and install PS2PDF. A way around this is to deploy Ghostscript before deploying CutePDF. When Ghostscript is present CutePDF will not try to download PS2PDF. In the CutePDF package available in our Package Library you can see that Ghostscript gets installed before CutePDF. (see attachment)


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