Is there a script to run to disable the updates of adobe, flash or java?

Hello AA team - just wanted to know if there way a way of running a script to disable the updates of the said programs thru PDQ Deploy.




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  • I'm not aware of a script to do so, but there settings that you can make. Sometimes these are registry entries, sometimes they are commands to run or files to modify. 

    For instance for Java you can change the following registry key to disable auto updates.

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy

    "EnableJavaUpdate" =dword: 00000000

    That's just one example. You can use PDQ Deploy to set the registry value or to run a script that contains that command. 

    NOTE: The packages that we create and host in the Package Library will disable auto-updates whenever possible to Flash, Reader, Java, etc. If you are a subscriber you can always look at each step that we run in the packages to see what is being called or what reg key is being changed. 

  • Flash auto update can be disabled by creating a mms.cfg text file within the %SystemRoot%\system32\macromed\flash which contains:

    More info:

  • Thanks guys - I will try all suggeted!


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