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  • Hi Robert,

    I just tested an Office 2013 deployment using the OCT (from 2013) and it worked fine. The instructions in the article are still applicable. I did add two Setup Properties. HIDEUPDATEUI = True and SETUP_REBOOT = Never. I'm not sure if they are still honored in 2013 buy I was able to deploy without any issues. (see attachments)


  • I had to manually add AUTO_ACTIVATE Value 1 in order for it to work.

  • Hi robert 

    Need some detailed way of doing this deployment 

  • Welp, to assist the general populace, please feel free to use the attached documentation on how to setup Office 2013 in PDQ Deploy. 

    I had to do this to train my staffs on this application anyways, so figured I'd share. 

    Please note that the tests were done in the following environment: 

    1.) PDQ Deploy version 2.3 (Release 4) was used

    2.) Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus 64-bit was used (although the same steps should apply for 32 bit version as well)

    3.) MAK licensing was used (Not sure how KMS works)

    4.) Fresh installation of Office on target machine

    Staffs of Admin Arsenal may freely modify, distribute, delete if needed. 


    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reply. 

    Good luck, and happy deployment!



  • I am having some issues.  I tried deploying it to a PC as a test and I waited for over 40 minutes with no success or failure codes.  I is as-if it was hung up or something.  I tried it again and still didn't have any luck.  Any ideas?

  • Hi Mat, 


    What happens when you try to run the setup (like you have it in deploy) on the target machine? 

    That should tell you more. you can try turning on verbose functions to see what type of dialog boxes that might be coming up. 


  • Thanks for the suggestion!  I did that and it was at the setup screen waiting to hit install now or customize...I double checked my .MSP and apparantly I didn't change the option to display level "none"....Oops!

  • Ah nice. Always the little things.  Glad it's working now. 

  • Hi,

    I've found out that during Office 2013 installation older versions (Office 2010) wasn't removed.

    How to uninstall Office 2010 with PDQ Deploy?

    Anyone have a working script or such which remove office 2010 and installs 2013?



  • I have found out that if you make a package to "Uninstall office 2010" and grab the 2 files out of the temp folder when you install microsoft fixit 50450 you get these 2 files attatched.  Make PDQ run monitor.vbs and include the offscrub10.vbs...Takes 4-11 minutes typically to uninstall the old version of office with this.  I have found if you try and make this run in the same package to install office 2013, it seems to hangup for some reason.  I just ran this first on the PC's, then ran my 2013 installation once I found this.  On the PC's that had both 2010 and 2013 installed, I just ran this and it removed the old version without any issues.

  • This also fixed the PC's that the 2013 setup would fail to launch manually, or the PC's that failed entirely with PDQ.