Deploy in the foreground?



  • TonsOFun

    Hi Michel, 

    The problem is that when using pdq deploy, it will launch whatever install, and programs under the service account that you specify. 

    And, runs it in the background. The only verbose method i know of would be using the "NET SEND" command. Which will send a message over to the user, but you need to specify the username, computername etc. 

    you could try to play around with command prompt and schedule tasks? 

    so that after the deployment, it would at a certain time, launch some type of program for all users? 

    sorry, i've never done this, but hopefully trying to give you some ideas. 

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  • Michel

    Thanks for the answer. I'll give the scheduler(perhaps with a trigger?) a try. Or I could use "runonce" in the registry.

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