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run vbs as command with PDQ Deploy

Hey all we are rolling out some new printers and I made a script that removes the old installs the new one. I have tried to deploy it with PDQ Deploy a number of ways and even though it says it is successful the it does not do anything.

I have tried the following step running the command with cscript and the script name, wscript and the script name, and also converted to an exe. i get the same result on everything it says successful but none of the printers are removed.

If i go to a users computer browse to the script and click it, then it works fine what am i missing. Can PDQ Deploy run this script as the logged in user of that certain machine?








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  • "Can PDQ Deploy run this script as the logged in user of that certain machine?"

    No. Any Current User functions are, at this time, performed against the user profile of the user account used for the deployment.

    When a deployment is initiated against a target computer a Window Service is created to carry out the installation. This Windows Service is started using the credentials specified for the deployment. If you logged on to the target machine as the same user used to run the deployment you would, most likely, see the printer changes.