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acrobat xi (11) deployment issues

I have had no issues creating and deploying Adobe Reader XI along with an .mst file created using Adobe Customization Wizard XI to my clients. I now need to deploy Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and have basically set it up the same way.  Acrobat .exe file was extracted using 7zip and AcroPro.msi and supporting files were copied to the network drive (where all clients can reach).  .mst file was created can called AcroPro.mst and I have then created the deployment package in PDQ Deploy 2.1.1 as seen in the image attached.  All seems to be set properly to me but when I push it out to the same client that Reader deployed to, it copies over I see then I get a Error 1603 after about 50 seconds during the "running" status.

Any ideas would be appreciated on how to get this installed.




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  • Does it work if you run that command independently from deploy? 

  • I am having the same issue, did you ever get this resolved??

  • Mat, even if the files are on a network drive you would still need to mark the "Include Entire Directory" checkbox so that all files are copied to each target prior to the installation running. A 1603 can mean many things, but it is often due to files needed during the installation that cannot be accessed. Can you confirm that the include entire directory is checked in PDQ?

  • I have them on the same server that I have PDQ deployed on with everyone access to it the same as the other packages that I have created.  I do have the check ticked for "Include Entire Directory" as well.  

  • Hi Mat,

    I sorry but I can't think back quite that far and remember exactly but I am thinking it may have had to do with the way I built my .mst in Adobe Customization Wizard.  Have you tried creating one that is super plain jane just to see if it will deploy?