Leave pushed package on Workstation



  • TonsOFun

    It copies it every time you deploy. 

    At least with my experience it does. 

    To get around this, here's my logic if you'd like to do this. 

    Create a deploy package with 3 steps. 

    Step 1. Use the XCOPY/COPY command to copy the installation files to a directory (TEMP/CACHED)

    Step 2. Run the installation. Make sure that "Stop deployment if this step fails" is checked. 

    Step 3. Delete the TEMP/CACHED directory


    Logic: If the workstation successfully gets the install, it will clear the directory. 

    If the workstation fails to get the install, Step 3 will be skipped, leaving the install in the temp directory for you. 

    Hope this helps. 

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  • Shane Corellian

    Hi, as TonsOfFun eluded caching is not a native feature of Deploy. We do have this feature on our Roadmap.

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  • Smalone

    Thank You guys for the guidance!  Much Appreciated!

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  • Dana Lehman

    I know this is an old thread, but it has another vote.  Is it still on the road map?

    I've used robocopy to do similar in the past.  The two packages I'm looking at is Adobe CC and Autodesk.  My Adobe CC package is 7GB and keeps failing on one machine.  Half the deployment time is file copy.  



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