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Can PDQ Deploy Handle Software Required Restarts?

Can PDQ Deploy handle software required restarts and continue with the rest of the Package?? 


Example:  I have to install 3 prerequisites for a new Piece of software, 2 prerequisites are installed without a reboot, the third has to reboot before the package can install the full software.



I know PDQ deploy has a new Sleep feature, but can it span a reboot.. If the reboot takes 5-7 minutes and we sleep for 9 can PDQ deploy reconnect to the computer and continue the install or will it fail every time?



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  • Not at this point. Even during a sleep step a connection needs to be maintained. Once that connection is severed the deployment ends. We are considering adding this feature.

  • Thanks for the Feedback.. I appreciate it

  • I just finished watching a few of your recent webcasts on silent uninstalls and custom packages.  So, for this question, even if it's a nested package, you would not be able to do a reboot between packages because they are still in a single package?  Or has this changed at all since the above reply in 2013?  Thank you.