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Remote Deployment Options

Is it possible to configure PDQ deploy to be able to schedule deployments based on a machine logging into VPN network..

We have an extensive remote user is there any options & scripts that can be configured that will deploy to user machine only when they are connected via VPN.

We use Sonicwall VPN clients.





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  • Not at this time, sorry.

  • HUGE request!!!  Having a way to hit VPN users and laptops users is a huge plus.  We are thinking of having to find an alternate deployment tool.  Scheduling works great if everyone is on the network, but just to many that are on for short periods or connect remotely.  A client that would call out to the server to see if there is new software that it needs would totally rock!

  • I'm testing PDQ inventory, and have set up a collection that covers machines on the VPN IP address range; I've then got a scheduled deployment task running (currently every 15 minutes) that's targeted at that collection. Seems to be working so far!

  • Can we get an update on this thread. How is your configurations set Jeff. We currently are testing OpenVPN but our VPN network is assigning a 172.x.x.x whereas we are on the domain with a 10.x.x.x <could that be a problem>. We are able to successfully communicate only certain things and can only ping from the outside in, not from the inside out. I am new to setting a VPN for DNS traffic. Any help would be appreciated. 

  • Jason,

    We're in the same boat as you are, and I'd LOVE to know if this was possible as well.  We're using OpenVPN, and I can resolve the IP address, but can't ping, can't deploy, nothing.  Just a one way bit of talking. :(  Have you found anything that works?

  • I am with Travis.  Is there an update on this?  


  • Can't you setup the schedule with a heartbeat trigger instead of a set time/interval? Heartbeat trigger will fire when ever PDQ inventory see's the computer go from offline to online state (it can ping it).
  • Same problem here. PDQ inventory is identifying <some> PCs by the IP assigned to the OpenVPN virtual adapter while other PCs are showing up with the private IP of the local LAN on the users home network. If I check our Windows Server DNS I see most host have registered 2 IPs in DNS. The local network address at their house and the OpenVPN adapters IP assigned by our OpenVPN server. I don't see a reason why PDQ picks the correct IP for some and not for others. This happens even if I run a discovery on the OpenVPN LAN IP range. 

    It would be handy if a PDQ Inventory scan of the OpenVPN IP range would discover and update the systems listed in PDQ Inventory which are misidentified. 

  • Adam, make sure you have the following checked if your PCs are registering multiple addresses in DNS

    For PDQ Deploy

    Options > Preferences > Performance >  Test multiple Addresses in Name Resolution

    For PDQ Inventory

    Options > Preferences > Network >  Test multiple Addresses in Name Resolution