Deploying to specific subnets

So I have multiple subnets on my domain and since almost all the computers are laptops they could be on any subnet. So what I am wondering is there any way to specify only deploy this program if the computer is on XYZ subnet?

My issue is that I have a 150 MB file that I need to deploy to many computers but most computers have a SLOW network connection. So I would like to stage the file at a location and then deploy the application to computers that may be at that location.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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  • Hi Bernard,

    While there isn't a native way to do this you can achieve your goal by creating some collections in PDQ Inventory and using the "version between" comparison in your filter. You just need the starting and ending IP addresses for a given subnet. (See the attached image)

    You easily do this in the free version of PDQ Inventory. After you create your collections you can simply deploy your packages to the appropriate collections.

  • Shane, that looks exactly like what I am trying to do. Now where are collections held? Oh and I am using the Pro mode with basic subscription (just took the easy way to log in to the forums)

  • Ah now I see what the issue is. I don't have PDQ inventory I am using Spiceworks and AD as my inventory source.

    The issue with using any inventory source (such as any of these 3) is that my user's laptops move A LOT. so I don't know from one scan to the next if they are still in the location that they were last time. As a result I could bog down a internet connection for a couple hours transferring the 150 MB file, which is what I am trying to get around.

  • You'll need to install PDQ Inventory. Install it on the same machine as Deploy. You can download it here. You notice the installation is similar to PDQ Deploy (where you'll need to supply credentials to run the background service). You'll also need to inventory all of your computers. You can import your computers from AD, text files or you can type in the computer names in the Add Computers window. If you have Pro Mode you can sync up with AD to have computers automatically added.

    You can check out some how-to videos for both Deploy and Inventory on the Admin Arsenal Youtube channel.

  • Just to make sure did you see my second response where I realized what you were saying and my concern with it? I don't see how PDQ Inventory would decrease that concern.

  • You have a few options. If you use Inventory then the Heartbeat will update the IP Address for a computer if it detects that it has changed. By default the heartbeat runs every 5 minutes. 

    In your situation I would recommend using Microsoft DFS. Store your PDQ Deploy Repository on DFS and set your Copy Mode to Pull. This way the packages should only traverse the WAN once (during DFS replication). When a deploy is initiated the remote computers should (assuming DFS is set up properly) pull the source files from their respective file server.

  • Shane, that is a great suggestion if all the remote sites had a server :( most sites are just a VPN router and some laptops so unfortunately DFS is not going to be the solution.

    I guess I will see if I can setup a script or something to do achieve this task.

  • If anyone else is looking to do this I think I found a way to do it (with the pro version of PDQ deploy)

    As the first step of the package add a command field

    for the command use ipconfig " find /i "<IP Gateway>"

    this will give a success code of 0 if it is true or a 1 if the gateway is not found. If you use the "options" of "stop deployment if this Step Fails" you will be able to limit the deployment to computers that have that gateway or an ip address that matches the criteria.

    Now to try this out in larger deployment or possibly see if I can set it up to work over multiple subnets.


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