How to deploy an Outlook plugin 32-bit or 64bit with one Deploy configuration

I have 2 sales force Outlook plugins files.  1 is for 32-bit outlook and the other is for 64-nit outlook.   If I put them in the same deployment then both will try to get installed.   Is there a way to distinguish what version the client has installed and install the correct version?



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  • Yes. We call this "Conditions". It is a pro-mode feature available in PDQ Deploy 2.2. 

    To create a conditional, open the PDQ Deploy package and click on the step that is executing one of the files mentioned (32bit or 64bit). Select the appropriate O/S Version and Architecture selections from the drop down. 

    Repeat the steps for your other file.


  • Maybe I didn't explain.  All of the OS are 64-bit OS.   What is different is some have Office 2010 32-bit and some have Office 64-bit installed.   I have a Sales Force plugin for 32-bit and one for 64-bit.   I was hoping to create 1 deployment and have it distinguish between what version of OFFICE is installed and install the correct plugin version.   

  • I would suggest to create a batch file with a check

    if exist "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\outlook.exe" (

    install 32 bit

    ) else (

    install 64 bit



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