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comand line uninstall

which command to desinistalar program with extension. exe ?



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  • Hi Frederico,

    It depends on the application. What application do you want to uninstall?

  • Hi,


    I try to uninstall any application by PDQ inventory. clicking uninstall and then "RUN" appears "Return code: 0," and does not uninstall the program.

    Then I copy the "Success Codes" for PDQ Deploy and ask to uninstall. It appears the status "Successful" but does not remove the application.

    PS: Applications with msi extension, I uninstall PDQ deploy.


    Can you help-me?

  • Hi Frederico, 


    Does the command work on the target machine? 

    Just FYI, PDQ deploy is saying "successful" because the command line is completing. 

    Even with errors, as long as the command finishes, it will show a success. At least with my experiences it does. 

    Make sure the command works on the target machine first before attempting to PDQ deploy it. 

    I think we'll need a little more details in order to better help you.