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ignore error 1904, register dll

I'm trying to push out an msi file and it's failing, not 100% sure why. If I manually run the msi on the workstation it encounters an error, saying it failed to register blah-blah.dll -my options are to retry, abort, ignore. I choose ignore and the install finishes.

Can this be why it's failing in PDQ Deploy?? Is it getting stuck on the error??



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  • That's probably the reason. The error still be flagged with PDQ, but since PDQ runs in the background the error will never appear and as such the retry button will not be selected. What app are you installing?

  • I'm trying to install a new version of our banks teller software. This new version has this error message. I would use the Free version of Deploy for previous installs and it worked great. Just got the Pro version today and it seems like I cant even use it this weekend! Of course the vendor tells me to logon to each workstation to do the install, hitting ignore when the dll error pops up.

  • Hmmm, it's always tough when the vendor's solution is to sneakernet an install. Automating installs can be tricky, but automating a response to an error notches the difficultly level up a bit. Let me chat with the guys and see what they say. 

  • Brian,

    Unfortunately there's not a lot we can do about the dialog popping up since it's on the hidden service desktop and can't be interacted with.   Perhaps there's a step that can be run before the install to fend off the error, such as copying the offending file and pre-registering it?   Another possibility is to re-package the installer as an MSI, but that can sometimes be a bit of effort.

  • Copying and pre-registering the file could be an option, didnt think of that. I will try this weekend and report back. Thanks for the very quick replies and all of the help. Huge fan of Deploy and Inventory.


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