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do "automatic msi packagers" work ok ?

Hi. I am debating a purchase right now of an automatic package creator that basically tracks the changes on your system and automatically builds an msi for you (to be deployed via PDQ Deploy later on) .. does anyone have any experience using these ? is a $500dll purchase so i want to know all the "downsides" to using programs like this.. I've successfully  created a package that installs an app and sets a profile.. things seem to be smooth, but i'm not sure how the community feels about this..

I appreciate your input.

Thank you :)



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  • App packagers generally work well, in my experience. Keep in mind, however, that if you are performing User/Profile specific operations then you'll need to run PDQ Deploy 2.3 (It is currently in a public beta) AND any step that you run as the logged on user may require that the user have admin privileges. The admin privileges requirement is only applicable if the step copies any files or registry entries to the system protected areas like Program Files or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.